OLÓN, THE PLACE THAT HAS CHOSEN ME... is an article about Olón in Ecuador, a small coastal village that I fell in love with at first sight and where I have spent almost 9 amazing months. My vision of a simple life, relationships and living close to the nature is captured by only some of the amazing pictures this place has to offer, which have been published in polish lifestyle magazine as an new point of view for travelling and exploring new places by exploring mind and soul.


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For almost the last 3 years my way of thinking about life, priorities, work, time and relations is constantly changing. My way of travelling is not based on seeing monuments and museums but on flavours, scents, sounds, colors and finally... people.

I finished university with Travel and Recreation diploma but what I have learned threw education is totally different from what really has been teaching me in several countries and places. I know how Marrakesh is every time when the sun is burning my back. I can taste perfect Indonesian coffee every time I hear the

'Mi mujer' song. In the same way, the sound of waxing surfing board reminds me of the incredible time when I was surrounded by surfer friends in the waters of Olón's beach.

Those and all the other impressions that 

I experience every day I try to express by words and pictures in 



My idea is not only to write marketing texts but also to write about everything that I discover and experience. I'm lucky woman. Since I decided to go out of my comfort zone, to quit my job and to live not only in Poland. So far I have been in few countries and I still have that chance to know new places through people and nature. Right now I'm on Gdynia, Poland.


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agnieszka sawicz
Ponikwa / Olón / Broadbeach
Poland / Ecuador / Australia

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