VIKARA LIVESTYLE is a simple website of Ecuadorian village on the coast, called Olón. This project is a proposed for the people who are looking for a place to spend some time surrounded by nature, eating healthy food and finding a balance through activities and sports. Roey and Pato asked me to create everything just from the start. It was an extraordinary experience to be part of their work for some time, taking pictures of amazing places and food and at the end, to create for them unique showcase on the Internet. Olón is a magical spot and gives a lot of opportunities of how to spend time, not only surfing, I hope my pictures and the website will help these two Israelis guys to promote VIKARA LIVESTYLE






EXCLUSIVE DENTAL & BEAUTY STUDIO is a wonderdful place based in Poznan, Poland. It is a combination of a dental clinic and beauty salon. The owner, doctor Agnieszka created a beautiful and cosy place and gathered happy and professional crew to take care of the patients. This website started running just after opening new chapter, which was a beauty salon. 


Simple things are the best, that's why I create clear and easy to read websites. Our possibility of seeing and remembering things is limited by that tiny amount of time that we spend on the single site. First impressions are a combination of nice colours, fonts and informations that we are looking for. Too much of it creates chaos and we feel lost, overwhelmed... so we leave and start looking for something 'more for us'. 

No tricks, no gimmicks... true and clear websites.

agnieszka sawicz
Ponikwa / Olón / Broadbeach
Poland / Ecuador / Australia

All rights for the pictures and creation by aga sawicz2015

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