Iwona KOSICKA is a very talented Polish designer. Her projects are simple but very funcional and handmade in Poland. She creates furniture, lamps, textiles and fashion. Behind the items there is a wonderful story of how she continues family tradition which is the furniture craftmanship after her father. Since she was a child in her father's workshop, she has been learning how to work with wood and how to make things with a perfect finish. After years her imagination and creativity became her passion and work, in a new style, her style, but in old-fashioned way. Her chairs, tables, beds, lamps, pillows, decorations and things for kids just have a soul. She loves what she does and that's why it's so incredibly well designed and made. I'm very happy to work with Iwona and hope to be succesfull together not only in Australia but all over the world.


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KOSICKA design          XII/15

aga sawicz create kosicka design

Seeing as I live abroad, I do represent brands in other trade markets. My goal is to introduce polish and not only polish companies and find good spots for them to sell their products. In Australia I can research the environment, find the right spots and contact them to propose new products. I work as an agent so my job is to connect two sides and enable them to cooperate to achieve shared outcomes.


agnieszka sawicz
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smart clothes   I/16

CHIC smart clothes is a new brand for children. What makes this clothing line special? You can wear it in many different ways and constantly discover new possibilities. Children can express their imagination and parents can use their creativity. Together they can play with clothes for many months or years because dresses, blouses or pants grow with children.


This brand is so visionary and interesting that I'm sure that we can find good spots for it all over the world. So far we are preparing for fair trades in Italy and Great Britain.


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the brand is yourself