SKYN CONCEPT POLAND is a new brand of esthetic stomatology orignaly based in Brasil. Polish clinic is one of the best 10 places in the world chosen to represent, heal and educate in. I am responsible for launching the brand in Poland, develope and promote.






If you are looking for consultation about your company, new project or just need somebody to take care of all of your marketing and Public Relation stuff, probably I can take care of it. After 10 years of working in the fashion and jewellery industries as a Brand Manager, Internet Specialist and Marketing Manager I have know how and all necessary contacts to organize creation, prints, content and regulations. More about my experience on LinkedIn profile ->



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agnieszka sawicz
Ponikwa / Olón / Broadbeach
Poland / Ecuador / Australia

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CHIC smart clothes is a new brand for children. What makes this clothing line special? You can wear it in many different ways and constantly discover new possibilities. Children can express their imagination and parents can use their creativity. Together they can play with clothes for many months or years because dresses, blouses or pants will grow up with children.
I worked with this smart brand from the start as a marketing consultant. We created claim of the brand and I am responsible for marketing and PR. Now we work on materials and visual aspect of the brand for italian and British international trade shows which will be our big start and also a test for... our creativity.


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the brand is yourself